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  • Death and Resurrection of a Dream

    I’m basically a dreamer. Most of my dreams are just that – my dreams. Occasionally, a dream is birthed from above – not within. When one of those dreams takes root in my heart, there’s unlimited potential because the dream comes from an unlimited Source – Jesus. However, I’ve discovered there is a process by which the dream comes to fruition.

    When Ken Leeburg and I dreamed of running the original Greek marathon, I truly believe that it descended from heaven. When Ken was tragically killed in an automobile accident, the dream was buried with him. I quit running and put on a lot of weight.

    Nearly 30 years later, God resurrected the dream when I was diagnosed with cancer. When the doctor tells you that you have cancer, you take a close look at your life. As I did that, I realized that every dream God placed in my heart He also brought to pass – with the exception of running the course of the original Greek marathon.

    I took the resurrected dream and began training. It seemed impossible. Cancer. Surgery. Injuries. All of those maladies cried out, “Tippit, you can’t do that. It’s impossible.” But I learned a long time ago, when God births a dream, it’s always possible. A year and a half later, Kirsta Leeburg Melton (Ken’s oldest daughter) and I found ourselves running from the village of Marathon, Greece to the original Olympic stadium, fulfilling Ken and my dream.

    When your dreams seem impossible, there’s only one relevant question. Did the dream originate from above or from within? If it came from above, He will bring it to pass. What God begins, He finishes. If He raised Jesus from the dead, then raising your dreams from the grave is a piece of cake.

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