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  • What’s your race?

         When I interviewed Ryan Hall for my book, The Race, I asked him why he quit running the mile in college and started running longer distances. His answer revealed some important principles for Christian living and for running.

         He first told me that he had his mind fixed on running the mile while growing up. He dreamed of being the best miler in the world. After much frustration and many bad races in college, he finally became open to God’s plan for his running. He told God, “All right, Lord. I don’t care what event you want me to do. I just want to do what You’ve created me to do.”

          It was after that prayer that Ryan began experimenting with longer races which were more natural to him. Later he thought, “Man, I wish I would have gotten wise to that faster.” He not only got faster, but became the first American to run a half marathon under one hour and recently ran the fastest marathon for any American. When Ryan discovered his race, he started shattering the record books.

         God has given each of us a race in life to run. We often want to do certain things because we gain the respect of others. Or we think that we can reach our greatest potential on our own. However, it’s when we do what Ryan Hall did – open our hands and hearts to God’s plan – we then run to our full potential. It’s when we say to God, “Show me Your plan,” that the race feels natural. In reality, it’s supernaturally natural.

         Open your heart to God and ask Him to show you the race that He has for you to run in life. You’ll run like a champion.

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  • The Race 1 – “Pursuit of Revival” (part 1)

    Sammy Tippit describes how God produced a great spiritual revival in his life when he was diagnosed with cancer.

    The Race 1 – “The Pursuit Of Revival” Part 1 from Sammy Tippit. For information about other books by Sammy Tippit, go to Sammy Tippit Books.

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