Christian Leaders

“I never fail to come away inspired after hearing or reading something from Sammy Tippit. The Race is no exception. You’ll be challenged and refreshed if you let its message reach your soul.”

Jerry B. Jenkins

Co-Author of the Left Behind series
Colorado Springs, Colorado

“I was gripped from the first word of The Race!  If you are a sports fan, a God fan, or just a fan of living the life you were meant to live, you are going to love this book. Even better, you will be changed by it. You will run!”

Dr. John Avant, Senior Pastor

First Baptist Church, West Monroe, Louisiana

“Sammy Tippit lives what he writes about. I’ve been blessed to hear him share his heart on this subject and to now see it in print is a double blessing. Sammy is one who has run the race well. He is a champion on every level. The Race is a book you will want to read and recommend to others.”

Michael Catt

Sr. Pastor, Sherwood Church, Albany, Georgia
Executive Producer, Sherwood Pictures

“What an incredible challenge! I just couldn’t put it down! In a day of lukewarmness and half-heartedness, THE RACE challenged me to a higher level of personal discipline. Sammy has done it again!  Another book that pours his journey into mine.”

Dave Engbrecht, Senior Pastor

Nappanee Missionary Church, Nappanee, Indiana

“Sammy Tippit brings together his experiences as a runner  along with the wealth of biblical material that applies to running and physical fitness, and  gives us a challenging word for running the Christian life in a way that honors Christ. I was rebuked, encouraged, and trained as I read, and feel better equipped to run the race before me.”

Dave Butts

Chairman, America’s National Prayer Committee

“The Race is the perfect example of a dramatic human plot portrayed before divine themes that are as real to the reader as the pages upon which they are written. You can’t put this one down. A masterpiece!”

Dr. Joe Aguillard, President

Louisiana College
Pineville, LA

“Embedded within these pages lie some critical forgotten factors that will help ignite a fire for personal revival while enabling you to endure the challenges we all experience on our journey toward Christlikeness.  To not discover and digest these truths could hinder the times of refreshing God wants you to experience in order to complete life’s race successfully.”

Byron Paulus, Executive Director

Life Action Ministries
Niles, MI

“As a runner throughout my life and as one who has competed in the Boston Marathon, I have been enthralled with the stories and life lessons in The Race.  As a friend of and fellow minister with Sammy Tippit for over thirty years, I know the heart of this champion for the gospel of Jesus and the price he has paid to proclaim it. And, like Sammy, I know that champions, in both running and life, become champions because they face and overcome adversity. The athletic insights in The Race will help you turn life’s painful experiences into awesome victories, and they will cause you to run life’s daily race with a more intense focus on The Finish Line!”

Barry St.Clair, President

Reach Out Youth Solutions
Atlanta, GA


By just saying

The Race: Run Like A Champion (Paperback)

Wow, what a great read! Job well done Sammy. This book is woven together with Sammy’s story, other successful runner’s and trainers stories and God’s story. From the start you are taken in on the excitement of running. You are challenged as a person and a follower of Christ to run the race of life correctly. I love how Sammy compares the physical race to the spiritual race just as Apostle Paul did while mentoring Timothy. I love how Sammy put in how much adversity in running you face and the battle to do it right. How you have to get your body and mind focused and fixed on the race and then be intentional about every part. Sammy presents his struggles, failures and setbacks as to say “hey I am just a normal guy”. But you finish the book saying, “But with God one can do the impossible”. This is truly a “Go God book”

By Krowe

This review is from: The Race: Run Like A Champion (Paperback)

God never ceases to amaze me how he will use someone willing to let him. He has used Sammy again to reach people where they’re at. As I read this book I saw myself all throughout it. In today’s busy world it’s so easy to get your eyes off the real goal. Through Sammy and this book God inspired me to refocus and get my eyes back on the ultimate goal. This book is not only for those who have the goal and lose sight of it, but it is for people who need that goal to give meaning to their life. God will always find a way to reach his people and this book was part of it. GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS
Ken Rowe

By T. W. Akins

This review is from: The Race: Run Like A Champion (Paperback)

The Race is an incredible practical book. Few books really impact my life in a practical way. This one does. It teaches one how to deal with difficulties in life and be a Victor. It teaches MANY practical spiritual truths not only about health and exercise but in all aspects of life. The chapter on dreams (your vision) was extremely helpful. Also, the chapter on Finishing Well was particularly inspiring and meaningful in which Sammy shares about being focused not only going up the hills but also stayng focused after the hills are conquered. Many fall after a victory. Incredible insights and practical truths are shared all throughout this book. I strongly recommend The Race for every believer who is serious about their walk with Christ. Wade Akins: Global Missionary with Pioneer Missions

By Bob D. (Richmond, VA USA) –

This review is from: The Race: Run Like A Champion (Paperback)

The Bible is filled with references to athletics and how God desires to guide, strengthen, and bless our lives. Sammy Tippit uses “The Race” to remind us how we can all run like champions. For example, “We run well when we wait on Him,” “Loose focus and you lose the ability to face the tough tinmes,” “If you don’t identify your level of fitness, you’ll never be able to grow in strength and build enough endurance to become the person God intends,” and “Faith motivates us to actions that cause us to appropriate God’s power to accomplish things that seem impossible.”
The receipe for a good life is in the Word of God. Sammy gives us some images we need to be reminded of, that can help us keep our focus on the end of the race.

By Orvel Johnson

This review is from: The Race: Run Like A Champion (Paperback)

This is a must-read for anyone who needs to be encouraged both to walk the walk and to run the race. Sammy Tippit writes of his personal life experiences, focusing on God’s gifting and his responsibility in the handling of gifts. He reminds us that each of us, as individuals, must work out God’s plan in our own gifting. I was delighted to be reminded that we can’t “repent” and then continue in our own path, expecting God to change us into His image anyway. I highly recommend “The Race”!

Orvel Johnson

By Sandra Fechner

This review is from: The Race: Run Like A Champion (Paperback)

Though I am not a runner or an athlete; nonetheless, “The Race” was a great reading experience for me. Sammy Tippit shares from his life experiences, particularly in running, immutable, Biblical truths that hearten and encourage. I really savored his victory as he ran and completed the original Greek Marathon as a “senior” adult. I came away with renewed vigor and trust that perhaps “the best is yet to be” after all. Young or old, you will find in this book entertainment, challenge, and hope. I highly recommend it!

Foreword by Gov. Mike Huckabee

I first met Sammy Tippit a little over thirty years ago when he was inspiring a generation of young people across America. He continues to motivate people today to fulfill their potential in life. He presents us with an incredible challenge in his latest book, The Race. I readily understood the pain, agony, and victory in his story of running the course of the original Greek marathon.

While Governor of Arkansas, I quit digging my grave with a knife and fork and took up running and lost more than 100 pounds. Since then, I’ve realized there is a great health crisis in America. As a people, we need the inspiration, motivation, and discipline to make lifestyle choices that place us on the road towards health.

Sammy Tippit provides such inspiration and motivation in The Race. His story of a bout with cancer and his decision to run the original Greek marathon shows the way to overcoming life’s great adversities. It’s laced with testimonies from some of America’s great athletes. Yet, this book is much more than a tutorial on running. It’s about life and how an ordinary person can live as a champion.

Sammy Tippit intertwines running principles with biblical truths that show the way to personal renewal, strength and character development. Reading his words and sensing his excitement, you will want to run well The Race. He provides practical insights to running and living from men like Ryan Hall, America’s great marathoner. The book is deeply spiritual, very practical, and extremely helpful.

It’s filled with exciting stories and life lessons that will enable you to run The Race and run it well.