About the Book

The Race is a book that motivates, inspires and teaches Christians to live to their greatest potential. It uses the athletic imagery from the Bible, especially the runner. There are books on running and books on Christian living. The Race intertwines both lifestyles and disciplines with a unique narrative. It presents biblical truths, dramatic stories, and interviews with some of America’s greatest athletes to illustrate and motivate the reader with principles of Christian living and personal renewal.

The Race emerges from the author’s experience of deciding to run the original Greek marathon when he was diagnosed with cancer. He has strong background of teaching and training Christian leaders around the world that gives him a Biblical perspective athletes wouldn’t normally have. However, during the past few years, he developed as an athlete and presents biblical truths through the eyes of the athlete that might be missed by many pastors and church leaders.

The Race contains interviews with elite athletes (i.e., Ryan Hall, American record holder in the half marathon, and Charles Austin, American and Olympic record holder in high jump) and brings a unique aspect on a book about discipleship and Christian character. The strong biblical background combined with the athletic training makes the book unique. Also, the story of the tragedies brings a unique perspective about the place of suffering in personal renewal.

The reader will learn the principles of personal renewal and how to live like a champion through the biblical imagery of the runner.